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  • – Pack of 5
    – Stainless Steel 304 Rock hangers for outdoor use (not marine grade).
    – Bore diameter: 12mm
    – This hanger features chamfered edges of the eye hole to minimize wear on carabiner. The eye hole itself is large enough to accommodate two carabiners.
    – Choose the bolt size carefully depending upon strength of base rock material. If the rock is soft or has uneven composition such as Sandstone and Limestone, then any rock anchor, including ours will not be strong enough to endure heavy loading.
    – This anchor is not recommended for use in coastal areas because it may not last as long as it normally should. For areas within 100 kms of coastline we recommend the anchors must be made in marine grade Stainless Steel. Contact us if you want these to be custom made!
    – If you are combining our hangers with your own bolts, ensure that they are made from the same grade of metal.
    – Each hanger is tested at a proof load of 8kN before shipping. You will be able to see a very small indentation on the side of the eye-hole. That is because it was tested in our lab for your safety.

    The recommendation below is based on several assumptions. Do your own due diligence before installing an anchor anywhere.

    M10 bolt: Only to be used in very hard rocks such as Granite (Compressive Strength > 75MPa)
    M12 Bolt: Only to be used in medium to high hardness rocks such as Sandstone (Compressive Strength > 30MPa)

    – EN959:2007, CE3076

    • Minimum Breaking Strength of Hanger is 25kN. Although the older versions are marked with 22kN, we guarantee 25kN. We take factor of safety into account with this figure of 25kN. Gipfel hangers are tested for breaking load often and none of them has ever failed under 38kN (the average breaking load has been 40kN) in both recommended direction of loading (radial) as well as in axial direction (Tensile).
    • Cutting Strength (Radial Load) in 50MPA test concrete block: 25kN (For Both M10 & M12 Sizes)
    • Pull-out strength (Axial load) in 50MPA test concrete block: 25kN (for M12 bolt) and 15kN (for M10 bolt)

    User Instructions    Download the PDF
    User Instructions    Download the PDF

  • – This is a Type 2 braking device used for abseiling (rappelling) and belaying without a function to adjust the friction
    – Fabricated from an Aluminium alloy used for manufacturing aircraft’s wings
    – Suitable for both single and double rope function
    – Optimum rope thickness: Dynamic single rope- 9.5-11.5mm, double rope: 8.5-9.5mm; Static rope: 8.5-11.5mm
    – Weighs only 108 grams
    – Individually tested before shipping
    – Strength Rating: 25kN
    – EN15151-2, UIAA 129, CE certified
    – Proudly made in India.

    User Instructions    Download the PDF

    Additional Information: Usage Modes

  • – 304 Stainless Steel for outdoors and indoors use
    – Breaking Strength : 45kN, Safe Working Load: 11kN
    – These are not yet CE and UIAA certified but we guarantee the performance and breaking load
    – Individually tested before shipping for your safety

  • SARPA is our 12 mm Type A Low Stretch Static rope designed for abseiling (rappelling), canyoning, fixed rope, roping up, zip-lining and a bunch of other adventure activities that requires low stretch.

    Available in multiples of five meters. Enter the number of meters you require under Quantity. For quantities higher than 100 meters the rope is shipped on a spool.


    SARPA 12 mm
    Construction: Kernmantle
    Core Material: 100% Polyamide
    Sheath Material: 100% Polyamide
    Weight: 68 gm/meter
    Breaking strength without knots: 32 kN
    Breaking Strength with an overhand knot: 23 kN
    Sheath to Core ratio: 40% : 60%
    Knotability coefficient: 1.0
    Shrinkage: 3.6%
    Minimum number of factor one falls before breaking under 100 kg load: 8
    Elongation under 50/150 load configuration: 1.5%
    Impact Force with factor fall 0.3: 5.2 kN
    Sheath Slippage: 0.1%

    EN 1891, CE 1019 and UIAA 107 (awaited)

  • High strength rappel ring or descending ring or for use as a component, for climbing or other rope access applications.


  • – Aluminium alloy spreader bars for use with crampons.
    – Rungs rated at 5 KN.
    – Length: 160 cm.
    – Width: 30 cm.

  • – Ladder style rungs for easier footwork.
    – Aluminium Alloy spreader bar.
    – All six rungs rated at 5 kN.
    – Length: 160 cm.
    – Width: 30 cm.

  • This is an all-rounder climbing harness designed specifically for lead climbers. The well thought out features and its ergonomic design makes this one harness very versatile and suitable for many forms of climbing. This harness features our Lean waist belt. It above normal width but countered and lean design makes for a perfect fit around your waist. This feature was added keeping the route openers in mind who might have to hang in their harnesses for longer durations while bolting a new route.


    • Waist belt strength rating: 18kN. For your comparison UIAA’s minimum requirement: 10kN)
    • Belay Loop breaking strength: 26kN. UIAA’s minimum requirement is 15kN
    • Buckles: Stainless Steel. Breaking strength = 16kN
    • the harness is made from BLUESIGN certified breathable and water repellent Sympatex fabric. The fabric is a three layered bonded fabric that is made in Japan.
    • Haul Loop on the rear rated at 5kN
    • Molded gear loops: 4
    • Leg Loops: Elasticated
    • This is a Unisex harness
    • Weight: 300gms
    • EN 12277, CE

    Recommended Use

    Lead climbing, trad climbing, sport climbing, mountaineering

  • – Dual adjustable system allows length adjustment from 95cms to 125cms
    – Reinforced anchor loop and foot loop makes the product extremely durable
    – Ideal for climbing on overhang and vertical sections. A powerful and highly useful accessory while bolting a new route
    – To be used with an Ascension device.

  • Belay and rappelling gloves. The palm and fingers are reinforced with double layers of soft leather. The back of the hand is layered with breathable mesh. This product is a crossover between a climbing glove and a mitten. This makes it highly functional, breathable and comfortable to wear. The grip is superior to any regular mitten.

  • – Rappelling / Abseiling mittens
    – Sturdy natural leather on the palms provides excellent insulation from heated equipment
    – Soft cotton liner on the back of the hand for a soft feel
    – A must have for every climber!
    – One size fits all

  • – Heavy duty yet very economical Rappelling/Abseiling mittens made with recycled worn-out denims
    – Thick hard wearing leather layer with a double reinforcement on the palm and back.

  • – Heavy duty textile with coating on both sides. This means a substantially long life of the protector
    – Velcro fastener along the length of the protector
    – Fabric has insulating properties to prevent the rope from getting heated up too easily

    • India’s first UIAA certified  harness.
    • Highly versatile harness that fits various needs in climbing applications.
    • Suitable from single-pitch sport climbing to mountaineering.
    • Padded waist belt and leg loops allow uniform weight distribution in addition to comfort.
    • Adjustable leg loops and waist belt.
    • Four molded gear loops makes racking quick and easy.
    • 18kN rated belay loop and 14kN rated  waist belt.
    • EN 12277 Type C, UIAA 105, CE 1019
    • Based on our personal experience and reviews from buyers, this harness is uniquely comfortable. If your climbing activity involves long periods of hanging in the same spot, then we highly recommend this harness.
    • Sizes: XS – 24-28 inches, S/M – 28-32 inches, L/XL – 32-36 inches.
  • – Material: Nylon.
    – Weight: 250 Gms.
    – Length: 180 cms.
    – Colour: Grey/Blue.
    – Foot loops rated at 5 KN.
    – Can be anchored on ascenders using a carabiner through the eye hole. Also for independent use on overhangs and roofs.
    – Foot loops reinforced with heavy duty nylon.

  • – Our all-around and personal favourite harness.
    – Excellent for adventure activities, climbing gyms as well as for mountaineering use
    – One size fits all
    – Auto-lock buckles and adjustable leg loops
    – EN 12277, UIAA 105, CE 1019

    User Instructions    Download the PDF

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