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Who we are ?


Gipfel Climbing Equipment is India’s first manufacturer of CE and UIAA certified climbing, mountaineering and outdoor equipment. We are an honest and a sincere brand that started out with a mission to promote climbing in India and most importantly to support climbing communities in their effort towards opening and maintenance of new climbing areas. In order to explain our story, we have summarized two major aspects that led to the formation of Gipfel Climbing Equipment.


We are a spin-off entity of a forty year old company, Maxwel Exporters – one of India’s leading export houses specializing in manufacturing of Sports Equipment. In addition to its core product line, Maxwel has been an original equipment manufacturer to world-renowned climbing equipment brands. We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising of metalwork, CNC machining, forging, plastic injection moulding, hosiery and rubber moulding units. Manufacturing climbing equipment is not everyone’s cup of tea. We realized that our location, resources, and expertise in manufacturing placed us in a unique position to bolster our local climbing communities, give climber’s access to high quality gear and ultimately excel Indian climbers into the future. This has been the original idea, and one that we continue to hold onto today.


On various occasions during our expeditions in India, we came across amazingly talented people who didn’t have the financial resources to buy the right equipment nor an opportunity to advance their techniques by learning from the more experienced climbers from other countries. Because there was no other Indian producer of climbing equipment, the equipment had to be imported. After adding the custom duties and dealer margins, the end product became so out of reach for many Indian climbers. The concerning part was that we saw climbers settling for unprofessionally made sub-standard equipment. Climbing communities were struggling to get high-quality bolts and anchors from Europe and had to rely on family and friends (aka “bolt mules”) to transport this gear in their suitcases during holiday or work visits. The climbing communities needed someone to help. We wanted to help.


The saying is true ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. In 2015, we set out on our mission to support the Indian climbers and communities by manufacturing equipment for our climbing buddies and selling at minimalistic prices just enough to cover our costs. We did not maintain any stock but only ‘made to order’. With time we also received the CE and UIAA certification on our hard goods. The word spread faster than fire about us and soon enough we were making equipment on a regular basis and had orders from all over the country. We have also been supporting our climbers with free crash pads – a piece of equipment not easily attainable in India. Eventually, in May 2016 the word also reached a not-for profit climbing organization, Girivihar that against all odds and with no support from Indian government had undertaken a herculian task of organizing India’s first ever IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Navi Mumbai. We were a startup but we were so excited to see this event taking place in India that we could not resist the offer of sponsoring the crash mats for them in the event. The crash mats were eventually donated to the venue as a permanent installation along with the world class climbing wall. Awareness grew and we gained momentum and trust with the larger Indian climbing population. Thus, Gipfel, out of the necessity for local gear and love of our local climbing communities, was born. As a start-up, we continue to have the ability to innovate and create new, safe gear with one person in mind. You, the climber.

Loved by many people worldwide

We are new but we are experiencing exponential growth. We like to keep it simple. Our products are designed to make best possible equipment at reasonable prices. Our products are made in-house that helps us keep the prices within affordable range. We do not cut corners by compromising on safety. On the other hand, our products are tested aggressively in international UIAA labs. Low price does not mean lower safety standards. Not satisfied? Ask us about them!