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  • – Our best quality crash pad featuring triple density foam cushioning for maximum safety and a great landing area
    – Hinge style folding with taper cut to avoid twisting of ankles
    – Curved edges to avoid wear and tear
    – Aluminium buckles closure
    – 140 x 115 x 11.5 cms
    – Weighs 10 kg
    – Padded shoulder straps with waist belt. Also has carry handles
    – Great product for professionals and serious climbers

  • – High quality and heavy duty crash pads for bouldering/climbing gyms, gymnastics, or areas needing low-elevation fall protection.
    – Our top of the line Bouldering Gym Crash Pad exceeds IFSC standards’.
    – Depth ranges from 20 cms to 30 cms. Size of panels based on requirement.
    – For 30 cm, dual density foam cushioning. 10 cm of closed cell foam (RG90) to spread the weight of falling climber evenly plus 20 cm of open celled soft foam (RG23) to absorb the impact force effectively.
    – Vertical edge detail of 15 cm depth, on the outer edge facing away from the climbing wall to ensure the crashpad doesn’t crumle on impact
    – Fabric used for modules: 650 gsm heavy duty, anti-slip, UV resistant and abrasion resistant PVC coated durable Nylon reinforced with fiber glass on other side.
    – Manufacturing: Double stitched with high tenacity Nylon thread.
    – Handles on the sides for lifting the mats
    – The mats have Velcro all around and on the top in such a way that the mats can be connected to each other in a Universal arrangement and very easily.
    – Colour selection: Black/ Light Grey/ Royal Blue/ Red / Green / Orange. Choice of single colour or mix any 2 colours. (*Some colours may not be available through the year.)
    – Please contact our customer service for your specific requirements.
    – Price provided is per panel cost of 8’*6′. Inclusive of GST. Shipping is charged based on location and volume.

  • Gipfel Chalk bags for rock climbing and bouldering. Lots of different shapes, sizes and colours.

  • – Climbing chalk used to soak any moisture on hand, increase friction between the surface and hand for a better grip on holds.
    – The blend is skin friendly.
    – You may apply it as liberally as you like but even a little quantity of this blend is highly effective.
    – Magnesium Carbonate.

  • – This Chalk Bag is made from Organic Cotton and Vegetable Dyes
    – Can be fastened to your waist using a sling
    – Good for Multi-pitch rock climbs

  • Although a very simple product, this waist belt is made from the best quality materials that will last for a long time. It features both side adjustable YKK snap buckle and Polyamide straps. The dual adjustable buckle allows the belt to be tightened from both sides of your waist for proper centering. Because of excellent compatibility of webbing with buckle, the straps don’t slip during use. This feature ensures that the belt don’t loosen up and that you don’t have to tighten your belt nor re-position it while climbing. To sum it up, we know that you will love this product!

  • – Ultralight yet sturdy bouldering mat for use in light bouldering activities
    – Also great for use with thicker bouldering mats in case of longer falls
    – Adjustable shoulder strap, webbing handles and Aluminium buckles closure
    – Taco style folding mat
    – Dual density foam cushioning with a wide landing area
    – 100 x 100 x 8 cms
    – Weight: 3.3 Kgs
    – A great seller

  • – You never actually own a Uru Chalk bag. You merely abuse it, and pass it on to the next generation. Yes, our in-house designers ‘over-specced’ the humble chalk bag. It is that durable!
    – Made from 650 gsm heavy duty, anti-slip, UV resistant and abrasion resistant PVC coated durable Nylon reinforced with fiber glass
    – Fleece lined inner
    – Waist strap is included
    – Good for bouldering, or for roped climbing. It will withstand any abuse thrown at it.

  • – Ideal for intermediates and professionals– Suitable for high ball projects.
    – Triple- density foam structure effectively cushions the fall of a falling climber
    – Reinforced corners  to prevent the corners from wearing out too soon
    – Built in padded shoulder straps  with waist  belts and carry handles on all four sides
    – Wrap around closure flap with elasticated buckle
    – 115x100x11 cms
    – Weigh 5.50kgs
    – Proudly made in India

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