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We are proud to be India’s first and only manufacturer of climbing equipment that is certified by the UIAA, Switzerland.

We follow international standards established under the 89/686/EEC directive for Personal Protective Equipment. The products are designed and then tested to their respective standards and minimum strength requirements laid down by the UIAA and CEN (European Committee for Standardization).

The sustainability of the highest level of quality is ensured through CE 11A/11B certifications of quality control by EU-based third party notified bodies that are authorized by the UIAA to conduct these checks on their behalf.

Here are some Common FAQs about the UIAA

Q. Who is UIAA?

A. UIAA is the only global developer of International Standards for climbing and mountaineering equipment. They are headquartered in Switzerland. UIAA standards specify the requirements for well-tested equipment and for good conformity assessment. UIAA standards are designed to be implemented worldwide.

Q. What are UIAA standards?

A. The UIAA develops international standards that ensure vital features such as quality, safety, reliability, efficiency and effectiveness. Its standards distil an international consensus from the broadest possible base of stakeholder groups. Expert input comes from the closest of the needs for the standards and also to the results of implementing them.

Q. What are UIAA’s Safety Labels?

The UIAA grants a Safety Label to those equipment that are tested according to its standards. A Safety Label on a piece of mountaineering and climbing equipment attests it to be of the highest international standards.

For more information, visit theuiaa.org