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  • –  This popular workhorse of a crashpad will serve you well from sit-starts to High-balls.  Whether you are a beginner boulderer or bouldering at the cutting edge grades, Badami will serve you well.
    – Triple density foam cushioning for maximum safety and a great landing area
    – Hinge style folding with taper cut to avoid twisting of ankles
    – Curved edges to avoid wear and tear
    – Aluminium buckles closure
    – 130 x 115 x 11 cms
    – Weighs 7.5 kg
    – Padded shoulder straps with waist belt. Also has carry handles
    – Tested in accordance to EN 1177:2008
    – Proudly made in India
    User / Product Instruction Manual:    Download the PDF

  • – High quality and heavy duty crash pads for bouldering/climbing gyms, gymnastics, or areas needing low-elevation fall protection.
    – Our top of the line Bouldering Gym Crash Pad exceeds IFSC standards’.
    – Depth ranges from 20 cms to 30 cms. Size of panels based on requirement.
    – For 30 cm, dual density foam cushioning. 10 cm of closed cell foam (RG90) to spread the weight of falling climber evenly plus 20 cm of open celled soft foam (RG23) to absorb the impact force effectively.
    – Vertical edge detail of 15 cm depth, on the outer edge facing away from the climbing wall to ensure the crashpad doesn’t crumle on impact
    – Fabric used for modules: 650 gsm heavy duty, anti-slip, UV resistant and abrasion resistant PVC coated durable Nylon reinforced with fiber glass on other side.
    – Manufacturing: Double stitched with high tenacity Nylon thread.
    – Handles on the sides for lifting the mats
    – The mats have Velcro all around and on the top in such a way that the mats can be connected to each other in a Universal arrangement and very easily.
    – Colour selection: Black/ Light Grey/ Royal Blue/ Red / Green / Orange. Choice of single colour or mix any 2 colours. (*Some colours may not be available through the year.)
    – Please contact our customer service for your specific requirements.
    – Price provided is per panel cost of 8’*6′. Inclusive of GST. Shipping is charged based on location and volume.

  • – Ultralight yet sturdy bouldering mat for use in light bouldering activities
    – Could be used for short problems, sit-starts, or for protecting until the first clip on the sport routes, or in conjunction with other pads to be a satellite pad
    – Also great for use with thicker bouldering mats in case of longer falls
    – Adjustable shoulder strap, webbing handles and Aluminium buckles closure
    – Taco style folding mat
    – Dual density foam cushioning with a wide landing area
    – 100 x 100 x 8 cms
    – Weight: 3.3 Kgs
    – Proudly made in India

  • Positively stoked by the epic adventures of our friends in the remote Suru Valley in Ladakh, we went to the drawing boards to create a pad that would be honouring their grit and valour, and help them send their highball projects.

    Suru is designed to absorb and dissipate the force smoothly from the most notorious highball falls.  The foam is superior, and the materials have been thoughtfully chosen and are more durable and lighter than our Yosemite/ Badami versions, which are the current gold standard!

    The kicker is the interconnecting Flap and Strap system that allows for two Suru pads to be carried as a single pad, and function as one single large pad.  This feature makes highballing outdoors feel as safe as an indoor gym session.  The flaps on each pad could be used to connect two pads by securing to the extendable shoulder straps of the opposite pad, to form a tight and secure joint.

    The creative design of the interconnecting flaps forms a Marsupial pouch when the crash pad is folded up, which can also be used to carry shoes and gear.  The system also allows you to carry an additional crashpad strapped inside the flap!


    Size, 135 by 100 cms, and 13 cm thickness.

    Weight, 6 kgs.

    Tested in accordance to EN 1177:2008

    Your search for the world’s greatest crash pad ends here?  Do find out.

    Proudly made in India

    User / Product Instruction Manual:    Download the PDF

  • If you are looking for the highest quality crash pad for multipurpose use such as for Gymnastics, Bouldering, dancing, martial arts and so on look no further. This mat is certified to the highest international standards and tested in European laboratories. The mat uses unique triple density foam cushioning system that works perfectly. The layer of closed cell foam helps in distributing the weight of the falling person evenly across the surface of the pad to avoid bottoming out at a single pressure point. In addition to that, the open cell foam layer absorbs the energy of the falling person and cushions the fall.

    The mat is foldable and has durable Nylon handles.

    Open size: 200 x 100 cm

    Thickness: 10 cm

    Packed Size: 100 x 100 x 20 cm

    Certifications: EN1177:2009 , UIAA 161 (applied)

    This mat is to be used with proper discretion and considering the recommended  maximum fall heights.
    For Head Injury Criterion (HIC): 400 (this is the highest safety criterion set by the UIAA)**
    Recommended Maximum Fall Height for the pad including the A-type joint: 2400 mm
    Recommended Maximum Fall Height for V shape joint: 1900 mm ( centre of whole crash pad)
    ** The above values are considered for head first falls on the crash pad and the HIC of 400 is set by the UIAA to ensure highest safety of climbers and considering the worst falls ever and that too during the activity of rock climbing. Non UIAA certified crash pads determine the Recommended Maximum Fall heights for a HIC of 1000, which will translate to much higher MAXIMUM FALL HEIGHTS than recommended on our pad. For non-head first falls, the Maximum Fall Heights could be as high as 3500 mm. 
  • – Our most popular crashpad.  Provides excellent balance between portability, weight, and the generous real estate of protection it provides.
    – Ideal for intermediates and professionals
    – Triple- density foam structure effectively cushions the fall of a falling climber
    – Reinforced corners  to prevent the corners from wearing out too soon
    – Built in padded shoulder straps  with waist  belts and carry handles on all four sides
    – Wrap around closure flap with elasticated buckle
    – 115x100x11 cms
    – Weigh 5.50kgs
    – Tested in accordance to EN 1177:2008
    – Proudly made in India
    User / Product Instruction Manual:    Download the PDF

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