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Universal crash pad (Foldable)/ Universal Bodenmatte (3-Teilig)


If you are looking for the highest quality crash pad for multipurpose use such as for Gymnastics, Bouldering, dancing, martial arts and so on look no further. This mat is certified to the highest international standards and tested in European laboratories. The mat uses unique triple density foam cushioning system that works perfectly. The layer of closed cell foam helps in distributing the weight of the falling person evenly across the surface of the pad to avoid bottoming out at a single pressure point. In addition to that, the open cell foam layer absorbs the energy of the falling person and cushions the fall.

The mat is foldable and has durable Nylon handles.

Open size: 200 x 100 cm

Thickness: 10 cm

Packed Size: 100 x 100 x 20 cm

Certifications: EN1177:2009 , UIAA 161 (applied)

This mat is to be used with proper discretion and considering the recommended  maximum fall heights.
For Head Injury Criterion (HIC): 400 (this is the highest safety criterion set by the UIAA)**
Recommended Maximum Fall Height for the pad including the A-type joint: 2400 mm
Recommended Maximum Fall Height for V shape joint: 1900 mm ( centre of whole crash pad)
** The above values are considered for head first falls on the crash pad and the HIC of 400 is set by the UIAA to ensure highest safety of climbers and considering the worst falls ever and that too during the activity of rock climbing. Non UIAA certified crash pads determine the Recommended Maximum Fall heights for a HIC of 1000, which will translate to much higher MAXIMUM FALL HEIGHTS than recommended on our pad. For non-head first falls, the Maximum Fall Heights could be as high as 3500 mm. 
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