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Satellite Crashpad


– Ultralight yet sturdy bouldering mat for use in light bouldering activities
– Also great for use with thicker bouldering mats in case of longer falls
– Adjustable shoulder strap, webbing handles and Aluminium buckles closure
– Taco style folding mat
– Dual density foam cushioning with a wide landing area
– 100 x 100 x 8 cms
– Weight: 3.3 Kgs
– A great seller

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– Dual density foam layer
– Top layer of PE foam spreads the weight of the falling climber throughout the mat
– Bottom layer of soft PU foam cushions the fall
– Shell made from 600 x 600 coated Nylon
– Chamfered corners prevents them from wearing out too easily
– Strong shoulder strap and strong webbing handles
– Special Aluminium alloy buckles on the sides to close the mat
– Taco folding means that there are no joints ergo less chances of twisting your ankle
– Very versatile
– Ideal for beginners and intermediates. Professionals could use this in conjunction with thicker crash pads


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