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Apaar Mahajan


A Mechanical Engineer and an Oxford University  graduate,  Apaar has  been keen    on    manufacturing    climbing equipment     ever    since     his    first experience with Alpine terrain at the age of 12. An engineering background has taught him to question what is already established and experiment with new materials. Other than that, having a factory with state of the art manufacturing facilities has allowed him to put his ideas to trials. He has done basic Mountaineering Course from NIM, Uttarkashi and Advanced Mountaineering Course in Chamonix, France

Sohan Pavuluri

Director –Sales and Marketing

Sohan has over 20 years of experience in Finance operations, and Sales & Marketing; last fifteen years of which he was at General Electric Company in various FP&A roles. After a long stint with GE in the US, he moved back to India in 2008, and since then he has been influencing the outdoors landscape around Bangalore; as the founder of Bangalore Climbing Initiatives which has helped reinvigorate the outdoors climbing scene around Bangalore, has personally established over 50 climbing routes around Bangalore, and has written the guide book to Rock Climbing around Bangalore.

Mariko Obikawa

Quality Advisor

Although a Mountain Guide in Japan, Mariko has spent most of her time climbing in Himalayas. Her passion for mountaineering is very obvious but it is her attention to detail and experience of climbing that makes her an asset for us. Given her previous background of working in large-size Japanese corporations, she is difficult to please and this works to our advantage because anything less than perfect does not comply with her standards. When in Japan, she also works as a Ski Patrol in Ski Resorts whilst testing our products.

Norm Rasmussen (NY, USA)

Outdoor Rep.

Norm is a climber located in the New York Metro area. He is the former operations manager for The Gravity Vault climbing gym, and has held a number of certifications from American Mountain Guides Association to Wilderness Medical Associates. He currently also serves on the board of the Torne Valley Climber’s Coalition, protecting a valuable climbing resource near NYC. When he’s not climbing, Norm can be found fundraising for non-profits.

Gautam Agarwal


A postgraduate engineer from University of Glasgow and a Vlerick Business School graduate, Gautam has spent several years working across Europe in calibration and testing industry, which is in itself a great asset to us but what makes him even more sought after is his intense passion to explore the outdoors and to develop high-quality and ergonomically designed equipment. He has a wealth of knowledge but prefers staying in the back seat and constantly bringing up great ideas. We do not hazard selling any product in the market until Gautam is reasonably satisfied with it.


Aravind Selvam, India


Aravind started climbing during late 2014 in Chennai, where the climbing community roughly comprised of five climbers at the time. So he sought his inspiration from Alex Honnold’s videos on YouTube.  He would wake up at 4 am to climb and train in Mahabalipuram, 50 kms outside of the city, and log back into work by 9 am.  Since then he has traveled all over the country, to Thailand and Laos in search of challenging climbing routes.

He loves crack/off width climbing, and aims to be a better trad climber.  His finest achievement is one of the hardest Trad routes in India, that is currently graded at 7c+/8a, called ‘Be Water My Friend’, and is located outside of Bangalore.

Chitrabhanu (Chitro) Chaudhuri


Chitro loves not only the physical aspect of climbing but also the mental challenge of problem solving and this is not a surprise coming from a post doctoral fellow in Mathematics! He became passionate about rock climbing few years ago and has set big goals for himself in future projects! Chitro’s next project entails re-bolting older climbing routes in Pune area where bolts have given in to corrosion. With this project he hopes to contribute towards the well-being and safety of local climbing communities in his area.