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Gipfel Figure of Eight descender / Belay Device


– This is a Type 2 braking device used for abseiling (rappelling) and belaying without a function to adjust the friction
– Fabricated from an Aluminium alloy used for manufacturing aircraft’s wings
– Suitable for both single and double rope function
– Optimum rope thickness: Dynamic single rope- 9.5-11.5mm, double rope: 8.5-9.5mm; Static rope: 8.5-11.5mm
– Weighs only 108 grams
– Individually tested before shipping
– Strength Rating: 25kN
– EN15151-2 certified and tested
– Proudly made in India.

User Instructions    Download the PDF

Additional Information: Usage Modes

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Product Description

– Hot Forged Aluminium construction
– Strength Rating: 25kN
– One year guarantee
– Weight: 108 gms
– Size: 122 x 75mm
– WARNING: Do NOT use this product without proper training or supervision. If used incorrectly this product may lead to injuries or death! Read the enclosed instructions carefully before using this product.


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