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– Our all-around and personal favourite harness.
– Excellent for adventure activities, climbing gyms as well as for mountaineering use
– One size fits all
– Auto-lock buckles and adjustable leg loops
– EN 12277, UIAA 105, CE 1019

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– Made from very high specification straps with breaking strength more than 25kN. Soft to feel yet very strong.
– 10kN rated waist-belt and 15kN rated Belay loop. **The actual breaking strengths are a lot higher than the rated values**
– Single Gear loop
– Movable elastic hinge on the waist belt allows for easy centring and tension adjustment of the elastic loops across the hips
– Edges folded in on the leg loops for extra cushioning on thighs
– Recommended for adventure activities, adventure parks, climbing walls when the person is not required to hang on the harness for prolonged hours. Equally suitable for wearing over padded clothing during mountaineering.
– EN 12277, UIAA 105, CE 1019


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