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  • Mild weather comfort and light-weight of this sleeping bag makes it ideal for camping or for backpacking trips.

    Rectangular sleeping bags are also very versatile for mild weather camping options.

    The construction is from high quality components.

    *Note* The fabrics, zippers and accessories are all tested in European labs for conformity to EN ISO standards to ensure functionality in -60°C temperature conditions. 

    Outer shell: Ripstop Nylon

    Inner Lining: Ripstop Nylon

    Insulation: 100% Polyester

    TID ratings as per ISO 13937 tests: Comfort: 17.2° C, Limit: 14°C; Extreme: 5°C

    Weight : 1.3 kg

  • – Durable Capcell foam is the most efficient material for the conditions you encounter during your expeditions. These are durable enough for persistent use by commercial operators.
    – No more scavenging for cords to keep the mats tightly rolled up.
    – Our mats have Cam Buckle closure and tightening mechanism that you cannot lose.
    – This foam provides a good amount of insulation.
    – The thickness and density of the foam buffers out the unevenness of lumpy grounds.
    – Keep away from fire and camping stoves.
    – Suitable for multitude of activities such as Mountaineering, Trekking ,camping, exercising, aerobics, picnic with kids and much more
    – Size: 180 x 65 x 1 cm
    – Weighs 600 grams

  • – Very sturdy classic design camping stool. The Nylon webbings are meshed to form a very comfortable seating space.
    – Built to last a very long time if taken care of properly
    – Load capacity: 180kg (400lbs)
    – Weight: 840gms

  • – Climbing chalk used to soak any moisture on hand, increase friction between the surface and hand for a better grip on holds.
    – The blend is skin friendly.
    – You may apply it as liberally as you like but even a little quantity of this blend is highly effective.
    – Magnesium Carbonate.

  • This thoughtful starter package for a Rock Climber includes Saltoro Harness, Atmos Helmet, and Uru Chalkbag.  All three are highly regarded by India’s top rock climbers.

    Saltoro Harness

    Saltoro is India’s first UIAA certified harness which has only seen it improved since the first version released in 2016.

    • Suitable for sport climbing to mountaineering activities.
    • Padded waist belt and leg loops allow uniform weight distribution in addition to comfort.
    • Adjustable leg loops and waist belt.
    • Four moulded gear loops, each rated to 2 kn, make it easy to rack, and provide an additional layer of safety.
    • 18kN rated belay loop and 14kN rated  waist belt.
    • EN 12277 Type C, UIAA 105, CE 1019

    Atmos Helmet

    – A good all-rounder and light weight helmet for ice climbing, mountaineering and multi-pitch trad climbing. – Optimal ventilation via the integrated venting system
    – Universal headlamp attachments
    – Fits heads 52 to 61 cms
    – 9 vents (6 on the sides and 3 on the back) make this helmet wearable even in hot weather conditions. “A helmet that makes your head warm could lead to more problems than just discomfort. At best it could lead to lead to a reduction in your performance, at worst it could lead to an impaired judgement that could possibly lead to injuries.”- BMC Helmet Guidebook
    – Adujstable head band via the wheel at the rear, and adjustable Y straps; allow for comfortable and optimal fit.
    – Materials: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene & expanded Polyproplene
    – Weight: 365 grams.
    – CE EN 12492*, ANSI Z89.1-2009 type I class C, UIAA

    Uru Chalk Bag

    You never actually own a Uru Chalk bag.  You merely abuse it, and pass it on to the next dirt-bag.  Our in-house designers ‘over-specced’ the humble chalk bag.  Safe to say, it may outlast your bouldering or climbing career.

    • Made from 650 gsm heavy duty, anti-slip, UV resistant and abrasion resistant PVC coated durable Nylon, reinforced with fiber glass
    • Fleece lined inner
    • Waist strap is included
  • Little things make a big difference. You don’t realize how much this product relaxes your body until you use it once on your treks. It is designed to support your back with adjustable inclination. So, do yourself a favor and take one of these next time you go outdoors.

    – Made from durable PU coated Polyester

    – Sturdy side straps to adjust the inclination

    – Aluminium backstays provide lumbar support and rigidity to the product

    – Weight: 600 grams

  • Four-season capable spacious Dining tent for 8-10 persons.

    In the midst of a white out, could you possibly stand up and play football or cricket inside the Colosseum?  The 4.2 meter diameter footprint, and the 2.1 meter centre height gives you a luxury of space, and the possibilities are endless.

    Colosseum is a spacious, high-quality and affordable base-camp tent, or a dining tent that accommodates between eight-ten chairs and a long table.

    Thoughtfully designed with breathable fabrics, zippered vents for windows, colour coded sleeves for poles for easy setup, and is fully seam taped for the ultimate water proofing.

    The tent includes a Polyethylene groundsheet.  The tent is equipped to accept an optional inner which is offered separately.

    Gipfel-Quality is now given, but to those who are new, our tents are world class! The 11-mm, 7000 series Aluminium poles provide bomb-proof stability, the YKK snag-free zippers tested to -60 degrees Celsius will ensure that you won’t have a mid-expedition epic, and the chosen fabrics will keep you weather-proof in the most inclement weather with an optimal balance of weight-to-function ratio.

    With a packed weight of 12.2 kgs, Colosseum is amongst the lightest in the market for it’s features and capabilities, is easy to pitch, and very durable.

    Warranty Agreement Download the PDF





    • This fully seam taped Cora Rain jacket packs away into its own hand pocket for your convenience while you’re on the move. Saving you space, it also features a drawcord around the hood for extra protection in poor weather
    • Features a half front YKK zipper and one pocket on the side
    • The jackets are slightly oversized so that it could be worn easily on top of the winter clothing and could be removed without any hassle
    • 100% polyester with 3,000mm Hydrostatic Head PU coating and breathability rating of 5,000 gr/m2/day (JIS L 1099 method
  • Cotton Sleeping Bag liner in Mummy style for use inside sleeping bags

    Very soft hand feel with a small percentage of Lycra to enable the liner to turn along with you when you shift on your side. The Lycra blend also allows for you to stretch your legs inside the liner and feel less confined in a small space

    Weighs 180 grams

  • Cotton Sleeping Bag liner in traveller style

    Very soft hand feel with a small percentage of Lycra to enable the liner to turn along with you when you shift on your side. The Lycra blend also allows for you to stretch your legs inside the liner and feel less confined in a small space

    An essential to ensure hygiene over long trips in the mountains or back country, or even while slumming it out in seedy hotels while on adventure trips, or on the trains.

    Pillow Sleeve on the top and half sewn and half buttoned side seams to let you maintain a comfortable temperature and sleeping arrangement.Pillow is not included

    Weighs 180 grams

  • – This Chalk Bag is made from Organic Cotton and Vegetable Dyes
    – Can be fastened to your waist using a sling
    – Good for Multi-pitch rock climbs

  • Tarp tent with multiple possibilities to pitch it.

    This versatile and ultralight travel canopy can be used in diverse combinations for shelter from sun, rain or snow, or for a bivouac.  It features Polyester fabric with 1,500 mm Hydrostatic Head waterproof PU coating and fully taped seams.  There are 6 guy out points and 6 webbing loops.  Any of these could be used either to anchor the canopy to the ground or trees using guy lines, or you could simply pitch it using your trekking poles and make an A-shaped bivouac.


  • – Double rings anchors available in SS 316 (for M12 bolts) and SS 304 (for M10 bolts) grades

    – Our regular Dynamo rock anchor conforms to EN 959:2016 and CE 3076

    – MBS (rings): 30 kN

  • Dras series of sleeping bags are designed for extreme conditions.  Dras -10° C, is part of the Dras Sleeping Bag System which eventually can provide insulation upto -48° C, and is sold individually as well.

    The warmth-to-weight ratio, the quality materials used, and the thoughtful design of the Dras sleeping bag systems make it a must companion, when you go visiting on the winter gods.

    • Quick drying Polyester insulation.
    • Rip Stop Nylon shell with water repellent finish
    • Two way snag proof YKK zippers tested to -60° C
    • A generous draft tube along the length of the zipper to prevent wind chills.  The zipper is guarded by a storm flap
    • Filling type: Synthetic Insulation
    • Sleeping bag weight: 1.6 kgs including the compression sack (Size: M)
    • Hood is fitted with a cinch cord for tightening and reducing heat loss from head
    • TID Ratings as per ISO EN 23537.  Comfort Temperature: +0.6℃.  Limit Temperature : -5.2℃.  Extreme Temperature: -22.5

  • Dras Sleeping bag is a workhorse for extreme conditions.

    • Can be used with Dras -10 degrees sleeping bag to be used in temperatures upto -40 degrees celsius.
    • Features 90% pure imported goose down (Fill Power : minimum 550 CUIN). Treated and odourless.
    • Our down is sourced from food industry.  The down complies with Responsible Down sourcing standards and does not support live plucking of birds
    • Two way snag proof YKK zippers tested to -60° C
    • A generous draft tube along the length of the zipper to prevent wind chills. The zipper is guarded by a storm flap
    • Advanced H- baffle construction ensures that the down does not get displaced sideways while using. This style of baffle construction also ensures that the down gets enough space to achieve its loft.
    • Rip stop Nylon fabric with down proof coating
    • Filling type: Goose Down
    • Fill Weight: 1280 grams (Size: M)
    • Sleeping bag weight: 1820 grams including compression sack
    • Hood is fitted with a cinch cord for tightening and reducing heat loss from head

    • harness would keep you in an upright position even in the case of unconsciousness.
    • Wide, flexible straps
    • Fully adjustable shoulder straps and leg loops for snug fit
    • High tenacity webbings for higher strength. Each lot is tested extensively before prduction
    • Low Price
    • Simple Design
    • Certifications: EN12277, CE1019, UIAA105
    • Size: Universal

    User Instructions    Download the PDF


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