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Gipfel Kamet range of tents are a step up from one of our oldest and most popular Fira series. There are some similarities between Firas and Kamets but given below is how Kamets are different from Fira series.

  • Kamet tents have two doors and two vestibules as opposed to one door and one vestibule in Fira series.
  • The inner tent in Kamet series has 2 layers of doors (no-see-um mesh and Nylon) whereas the Fira has one layer of door. The double layer is especially helpful in cold weather.
  • The outer tent goes low enough to make this a 4 seasons tent
  • The Peak Height is 8 cms more than Fira series, so that means more head room and a bit better ventilation
  • Finally, the biggest difference is that despite being bigger than Fira, Kamet tents due to design and materials used, are 10-15% lighter than Fira tents.


Kamet tent is a sturdy dome tent with 2 doors and 2 vestibules. The tent is generously ventilated and has large head room. The tent is easy to setup and comes with 9.5 mm Aviation grade aluminium poles. The webbing are Nylon 6,6 and the zippers are YKK (no. 8) that will not jam even in frigid weather.


The outer rainfly and groundsheet are fully seam taped and then tested under heavy rain. The ground sheet is bathtub style with minimal seams and reinforced stress points.


Color: Pesto Green

Warranty: Limited warranty for 2 years

User / Product Instruction Manual:    Download the PDF



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