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Badami Nut Tool


One Tool to rule them all!

A versatile nut tool designed for Trad, mixed- Sport and Big Wall climbing. Tightens nuts and maillons, wriggles out those obstinate nuts, and the hooked nose grabs onto cam bars in the deepest cracks. The screw driver end helps undo those stubborn knots, works as a pry tool, and finding an additional new use for this multi-tool is not a challenge.

– Weight: 64 g (2.3 oz.)
– Material: Zinc plated hardened Steel
– Built in wrenches of sizes 13, 17 & 19 mm, which work with 10, 12 mm & 3/8 inch Rawl bolts, open wrench sizes 14 & 17mm
– Philips head screw driver
– Centimeter markings along the side

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