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Tents for use in temperate climates, and can withstand rain, wind, and mild snowy/winter conditions.

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  • Fira series of tents are designed for 3-season usage. If you are looking for a high-quality light-weight tent with self-contained stability and 3-season weather-proofness, this is your tent.

    The interiors of this tent are ample for two persons. The tent is built to withstand heavy downpours of rain and even snow. It features patented Jake’s foot attachments and our ring tensioners.



  • TENTS FIRA 4 15,299.00

    Fira series of tents are designed for 3-season usage.

    The interiors of this tent are expansive and airy. The tent is built to withstand heavy downpours of rain and even snow. It features patented Jake’s foot attachments and our ring tensioners.



  • CAMPING Lupus 2 8,999.00

    Two-person, three-season, outer-first dome tent.

    Lupus 2 is our most economical 2 persons and 3 seasons tent (we suggest 3 seasons usage but its construction enables it to be occasionally used as an all seasons tent with moderate snow). While it is economically priced it does not compromise on the quality at all because all our tents are made from same Aluminium poles, Japanese zippers and textiles. It is the simplistic design and single door-single vestibule construction that makes it economical. This is an outer-first tent in which the outer rain-fly and inner tent are connected together using a suspension system.


  • Marga one celebrates the freedom of solo adventures. Designed as the summer tent for one of our favourite adventurers who lives in the mountains; Marga one is ultra-light, airy, spacious, highly weather-proofed, and has incredible stability considering it has only one pole!

    Everything about it screams for you to grab your go-pack and step out to sleep under the stars.

    The tent is designed to be setup outer-first. The mesh inner is packed separately so as to provide the flexibility of pitching and portability options. The outer by itself has enough space for two people.

    The tent is built to withstand heavy downpours of rain and even mild snow. It features patented Jake’s foot attachments and ring tensioners.

    Pitching Video Link: https://youtu.be/pZtpvlVI2sQ



  • TENTS NUBRA 2 10,999.00

    Nubra 2 is a 2 persons, 3 seasons tent but what makes this different from other tents is extra space inside the inner tent canopy to keep your backpacks. Having the backpack inside makes living in it more comfortable. Although it is recommended for 3 seasons use, the tent has been tested on summit camp of Stok Kangri in Leh, India (altitude: 6,153 meters) and have performed magnificently.

    Unlike our most other tents, this tent has a trapezoidal floor area. The tent is wider on the front (door side) and narrower on the rear. A small vestibule pole makes the door walls vertical and allows for a big vestibule.

    The ground sheet is made from heavy duty and puncture resistant Polyethylene. The seams around the stress points are reinforced with Nylon straps to achieve resistance to ripping even when the tent is continuously pitched for weeks in a row. The poles are made from aviation grade DAC Aluminium. All such features make this an excellent choice for tour operators as well as serious trekkers.


  • Two-person, three-season Dome tent.

    The classic dome shaped but with an addition of two spines imparts structural stability and allows for a bigger vestibule area that extends out from the poles.  With a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise durability or features, this new two men tent delivers the ultimate camping cum backpacking tent.  Vestibules are large enough to accommodate 2 x 60l rucksacks.

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  • TENTS PROXIMA 2 7,999.00

    Proxima 2 is a perfect solution for warm weather camping including tropical places where it rains incessantly. Thanks to the full mesh inner canopy and PU coated rainfly, Proxima 2 offers ultimate breathability and rain protection. The ground sheet is fully seam taped and has a bathtub style construction.

    The tent is light weight and very easy to pitch. Although 2 persons are ideal for pitching this tent, even one person can do this all by her/himself.

    Owing to mesh canopy, the tent is perfect for stargazing and soaking in the beauty of surrounding landscape from the comfort of your tent. The living space is generously large. Two persons fit comfortably in it and there is space to keep your luggage inside the inner tent. Shoes can be kept inside the vestibule.

    While we have designed this tent keeping tropical climate in mind but the materials used in this tent are same as any of our other 4-season tents.


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  • CAMPING UFO 4 16,999.00

    Four-person, three-season tent, inner-first hybrid dome tent.

    UFO 4 is our personal favourite because of it’s exceptionally large head room and leg space.  You can easily fit in 4 people, and still have enough room to stand and stretch, owing to its Arc and Ridge construction.  The canopy is mostly Polyester no-see-thru-um mesh for excellent ventilation. Two doors and two equally large vestibules boasts of a large space to stow your backpacks and shoes away.  Additionally, it has four large pockets.

    This tent features patented Jake’s foot attachment to connect poles to the ground sheet.  The wind-guards on the outer rain fly acts as a barrier for cold winds and elements.

    Zippers are specially developed for these tents with the help of the world’s best YKK®.

    UFO 4 is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a tent that is exceptionally sturdy yet relatively light in weight, that will work for any situation, and that will handle many years of use.

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