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    • Lightweight and durable
    • Aluminium hook type stakes
    • 18 cm long
    • Made from aviation grade 7001 series Aluminium (heat treated)
    • Works perfectly on soft to hard ground
    • 90 grams per a pack of six.
    • Sold in a Pack of 6
  • Four Seasons, three person, Tunnel type tent with extra large vestibule and generous ventilation.

    Norra Plus series is designed for 4 seasons use. The Plus series of Norra features very large vestibule (almost as big as the inner tent) keeping but at the same time using ultra light materials to achieve the lightest weight possible. The textiles, accessories and poles were chosen keeping weight in mind.

    The interiors of this tent are expansive and airy. The tent is built to withstand heavy downpours of rain and even snow.  This Norra tents are perfect for use in base camps and by alpinists who need extra large vestibules.

    Assembly Instructions    Download the PDF
    Warranty Agreement Download the PDF




    • Galvanized steel hook type stakes
    • 16 cm long
    • A workhorse of a stake, works for hard to soft ground.
    • 162 grams per six pieces.
    • Sold in a Pack of 6
  • Positively stoked by the epic adventures of our friends in the remote Suru Valley in Ladakh, we went to the drawing boards to create a pad that would be honouring their grit and valour, and help them send their highball projects.

    Suru is designed to absorb and dissipate the force smoothly from the most notorious highball falls.  The foam is superior, and the materials have been thoughtfully chosen and are more durable and lighter than our Yosemite/ Badami versions, which are the current gold standard!

    The kicker is the interconnecting Flap and Strap system that allows for two Suru pads to be carried as a single pad, and function as one single large pad.  This feature makes highballing outdoors feel as safe as an indoor gym session.  The flaps on each pad could be used to connect two pads by securing to the extendable shoulder straps of the opposite pad, to form a tight and secure joint.

    The creative design of the interconnecting flaps forms a Marsupial pouch when the crash pad is folded up, which can also be used to carry shoes and gear.  The system also allows you to carry an additional crashpad strapped inside the flap!


    Size, 135 by 100 cms, and 13 cm thickness.

    Weight, 6 kgs.

    Tested in accordance to EN 1177:2008

    Your search for the world’s greatest crash pad ends here?  Do find out.

    Proudly made in India

    User / Product Instruction Manual:    Download the PDF

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