How to use tent repair tube


Many people have asked us, “What is that extra small tube that you provide with every tent in the pole kit?” And few of them even think that these scraps are included in error.

The small tube provided is called the REPAIR TUBE, and we suggest that you carry it along with the tent.

Although our poles are made of 7000 series aviation grade aluminium, they can break if loaded in the wrong direction or if they are misused.

In situations like these, these repair tubes will be your saviours!

Here’s how to use them.

Step 1: Cut the elastic shock cord at the point of damage in the pole.

Step 2: When damaged, the pole’s broken tips flatten out and can become larger than the diameter of the repair tube. Reduce the diameter of the broken pole tips with the help of a rock or other means.

Step 3: Insert one broken tip of pole into the repair tube and pull the elastic shock cord through.

Step 4: Similarly attach the other elastic shock cord through the other broken pole.

Step 5: Connect both the elastic shock cords using a fisherman knot, and pull the knot though the pole.

Step 6: Slide the repair tube over the damaged section of the pole, and you are ready to go!



Please note that repair tubes are to be used temporarily, and ARE NOT a permanent solution. Do contact us in case of pole damage to advise and for replacement poles.

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