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Portable Alcohol Burner


– Light weight & high-quality mini spirit burner or alcohol stove, for backpacking & camping trips
– Materials: Brass & rubberised O-ring inside the lid
– Specs: 97mm (diameter of burner) x 65 mm (height) of the outer frame
– Holes on the base increase the efficiency of combustion
– Components: Stove, Stove screw-on lid with O-ring to seal excess fuel in, Stove frame (provides wind resistance & works as a pot-holder), Flame regulator or Simmer ring (also used to extinguish the flame), Carrying pouch
– Fuel type: Denatured alcohol, Ethanol, Methanol & Rubbing Alcohol.  100ml of alcohol burns for 30 minutes
– After use the burner can be closed and carried with alcohol sealed in.  Leak-proof O-ring lid.
– Ideal for backpacking, camping, fishing and hiking trips
– Weighs 138 grams (4.9 oz)

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