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Polar Ice Screw


Note: This product is available only on special request and manufactured only in bulk for our dealers. 

An alpinist’s best friend, Polar ice screw features an integrated crank and concave cut teeth for ease of placement in ice. The tube features a tapered profile for a smooth passage of the screw in ice. Polar ice screw is made from heat treated and hardened Chromoly alloy to achieve the desired mechanical properties.


Axial Pullout Strength: 5kN
Radial Pullout Strength in test Ice block Type 2: 15kN
Vertical traverse per rotation (after 10 full rotations) under the load of 120N is > pitch of the thread


Tube: Chromoly Steel
Hanger: Chromoly Steel

CERTIFICATIONS: EN 568:2007, CE1019 and UIAA 151

NOTE: Strength of an ice screw depends significantly on the quality of ice. Avoid using this on fragile, aerated and thin slabs of ice. A screw is only one part of the safety chain and should be used in conjunction with only CE and UIAA certified equipment.

User Instructions    Download the PDF

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