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Accessory cords / short rope sling 7 mm


This 7 mm cordage can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from anchors, friciton hitches, tie-down straps, or as accessory cords.   NOT TO BE USED FOR CLIMBING!

ORDER AND SHIPPING: This product could be purchased only in multiples of 5 meters and a maximum running length is 100 meters. The quantity selected in the drop down menu will be multiplied by 5 and the total will be the actual running length (in meters) that will be shipped.

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  • VAJRA is our 10 mm Type B Low Stretch Static rope designed for abseiling (rappelling), canyoning, fixed rope, roping up, zip-lining and a bunch of other adventure activities that requires very low stretch.

    Available in multiples of five meters. Enter the number of meters you require under Quantity. For quantities higher than 100 meters the rope is shipped on a spool.


    VAJRA 10 mm
    Construction: Kernmantle
    Core Material: 100% Polyamide
    Sheath Material: 100% Polyamide
    Weight: 57.7 gm/meter
    Breaking strength without knots: 26 kN
    Breaking Strength with an overhand knot: 19 kN
    Sheath to Core ratio: 43% : 57%
    Knotability coefficient: 0.9
    Shrinkage: 3.6%
    Minimum number of factor one falls before breaking under 80 kg load: 8
    Elongation under 50/150 load configuration: 1.5%
    Impact Force with factor fall 0.3: 5.2 kN
    Sheath Slippage: 0.1%

    EN 1891, CE 1019 and UIAA 107