Gipfel Fira tent. Camping people outdoor lifestyle couple tourists putting up a tent in nature lansdcape at dusk. Campers with backpacks setting up their campsite for the night in mountain summer background.





Let’s face it, our urge to get outdoors has ethical dilemma associated with it.   Outdoor recreation has many benefits at a micro level and macro level.  Urban communities when engage with the outdoors and the nature, become more empathetic and become engaged with conservation efforts.  Aside from accruing personal benefits of getting outdoors. 

But as more of us get outdoors, we have begun to create an impact negatively, in fact at a catastrophically macro level.  While we expect peace and tranquillity, the most popular locations have begun to feel like downtown malls with crowds, and the amount of garbage piling up is incredible.  The pollution is not just environmental, but at a cultural level as well.  

We spoke to the conscientious of the folks we look up to, and compiled a list of dos and don’ts for the outdoors to help maintain a balance.  Some of these may sound moralistic.  But gone are the days of saying it softly. 

Be honourable outdoors.







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