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ultra light tent

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  • Four-season, Single-person, Ultralight-Bivy Tent

    Let your imagination and adventures run wild.  A sub one-kilo tent to strike out alone, fearlessly and uninhibited by anything or anyone.

    Comes in two colors.  Blend in or stand out.  The choice is yours.

    Light, and yet spacious.

    Dual layer door with Nylon and Mesh, for better ventilation.

    Optional pitching for rear Guy cords and Poles for additional room, or just use the rucksack / pack to keep the tent pitched down from inside (and save on the packed weight of the rear poles).

    The tent is designed to prevent creases from forming, keeps the tent taut even under excess rain, and the water will not pool up on the tent.

    Instruction Manual

    Instruction Manual – Part 2




  • Marga one celebrates the freedom of solo adventures. Designed as the summer tent for one of our favourite adventurers who lives in the mountains; Marga one is ultra-light, airy, spacious, highly weather-proofed, and has incredible stability considering it has only one pole!

    Everything about it screams for you to grab your go-pack and step out to sleep under the stars.

    The tent is designed to be setup outer-first. The mesh inner is packed separately so as to provide the flexibility of pitching and portability options. The outer by itself has enough space for two people.

    The tent is built to withstand heavy downpours of rain and even mild snow. It features patented Jake’s foot attachments and ring tensioners.

    Instructions Manual

    Pitching Video Link: https://youtu.be/pZtpvlVI2sQ




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