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gipfel tent

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  • Four-season, High-altitude, Inner-first, Three-person Tent.

    Kili 3 Plus Alpine Tent is a bombproof shelter for your winter expeditions. Having said that we won’t recommend you actually lob a grenade at it.

    If you are ticking off boxes for the winter expedition, Kili 3+ has all of it; stability, weather-resistance, ventilation, space to live and store, and most importantly has a high ‘usability quotient’.

    Gipfel-Quality is now given, but to those who are new, our tents are world class! The DAC poles provide bomb-proof stability, the YKK snag-free zippers tested to -60 degrees Celsius will ensure that you won’t have a mid-expedition epic, and the chosen fabrics will keep you weather-proof in the most inclement weather with an optimal balance of weight-to-function ratio.

    With a trail weight of 4.6 kgs, Kili 3+ is amongst the lightest in the market for it’s features and capabilities, is easy to pitch, and very durable.

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  • TENTS NUBRA 2 10,999.00

    Nubra 2 is a 2 persons, 3 seasons tent but what makes this different from other tents is extra space inside the inner tent canopy to keep your backpacks. Having the backpack inside makes living in it more comfortable. Although it is recommended for 3 seasons use, the tent has been tested on summit camp of Stok Kangri in Leh, India (altitude: 6,153 meters) and have performed magnificently.

    Unlike our most other tents, this tent has a trapezoidal floor area. The tent is wider on the front (door side) and narrower on the rear. A small vestibule pole makes the door walls vertical and allows for a big vestibule.

    The ground sheet is made from heavy duty and puncture resistant Polyethylene. The seams around the stress points are reinforced with Nylon straps to achieve resistance to ripping even when the tent is continuously pitched for weeks in a row. The poles are made from aviation grade DAC Aluminium. All such features make this an excellent choice for tour operators as well as serious trekkers.


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