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fira 3

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    Fira series of tents are designed for 3-season usage but we have tested it diligently even at an altitude of 5,000 meters and it performed amazingly well. If you are looking for a high-quality light-weight tent with self-contained stability and 3-season weather-proofness, this is your tent.

    The interiors of this tent are ample for two persons. The tent is built to withstand heavy downpours of rain and even snow. The tent features aviation grade Aluminium poles in a classic X-pole dome type arrangement. The FIRA 3 and 4 persons also feature a very large vestibule.

    The tent is also built with very durable materials that can take a lot of rough use and UV- exposure.

    Fira is an all rounder tent and one of the most loved tents.


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  • Savanna series offers classic dome design at a budget for camping and commercial operations.  They are similar in design to our popular Fira series.

    Savanna series is designed for three-season usage, and can also be extended to mild winters.

    The Fibreglass poles offers generous stability, and the interiors are expansive and airy.  The tent is built to withstand heavy downpours of rain, and even light snow. The materials are of high quality. They are slightly heavier than the materials of Fira series but very durable and more rugged than the Fira series.

    Unlike most tents in this range and specification that use Fiber glass poles, Savanna series use Aviation Grade Aluminium poles.

    The assembly instructions of Savanna 3, Savanna 4, Fira 3 and Fira 4 are identical.


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  • Four-season, Three-person, Tunnel type hybrid tents.

    Tethys Tents are our very uniquely designed Hybrid shaped tents. It combines the comfort and lighter weight of a tunnel tent with the stability of a geodesic dome shaped tents.

    Generally, simple Dome tents are easy to setup because they are free standing and do not need guy lines to pitch them but they are not so stable in the wind and the head room is rather limited. Geodesic domes are far more stable than simple domes but they are complex to setup and are heavier. Tunnel tents are lighter in weight, easier to setup and have generous head room but they are not free standing.  If you do not have enough space to extend guy lines, then it can be tricky to pitch them tightly. Additionally, rain water and snow can accumulate on the top of the outer tent between the poles.

    Tethys tent combines the best of both worlds. It is roomy like a tunnel tent but has the free standing nature of a dome tent combined with structural stability of a geodesic dome. The aerodynamic shape and the sloping roofs easily sheds the water, snow and wind.

    The interiors of this tent are expansive and airy. The tent is built to withstand heavy downpours of rain and snow.




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