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  • Fira series of tents are designed for 3-season usage. If you are looking for a high-quality light-weight tent with self-contained stability and 3-season weather-proofness, this is your tent.

    The LITE version builds on the proven design of the Fira series, and offers lighter materials to ensure savings in weight for backpacking trips. It also provides a fully breathable Nylon inner tent as opposed to the inner of regular Fira tent with a lot of mesh.

    The trail weight of tent is 2.05 kg. We understand that this is not the lightest tent for the given floor area but this is largely because we prefer to use 70D Rip Stop Nylon for the tent’s ground sheet. We could also choose to use 20D Nylon for ground sheet and lose another 300 grams but that would require the buyer to always buy and carry a Footprint with the tent to avoid abrasion and we feel it is not always ideal. With Gipfel Fira tent you never have to buy a footprint. Just our ground sheet is enough!

    The interiors of this tent are ample for two persons. The tent is built to withstand heavy downpours of rain and even snow. It features patented Jake’s foot attachments and our ring tensioners.



  • Four Seasons, two person, Tunnel type tent with extra large vestibule and generous ventilation.

    Norra Plus series is designed for 4 seasons use. The Plus series of Norra features very large vestibule (almost as big as the inner tent) keeping but at the same time using ultra light materials to achieve the lightest weight possible. The textiles, accessories and poles were chosen keeping weight in mind. On the other hand, the Norra LITE tent features same inner footprint as Norra Plus but smaller vestibule, which means even lighter weight.

    The interiors of this tent are expansive and airy. The tent is built to withstand heavy downpours of rain and even snow.  This Norra tents are perfect for use in base camps and by alpinists who need extra large vestibules.



  • Made from 100% pure mulberry hand-woven silk, increases the thermal insulation of sleeping bags, and keeps your sleeping bags cleaner.

    An essential to ensure hygiene over long trips in the mountains or back country, or even while slumming it out in seedy hotels while on adventure trips, or on the trains.

    By itself it adds 3-5 degrees Celsius of insulation to your sleeping bag, and can work as a sleeping bag in fair weather conditions.

    Pillow Sleeve on the top and half sewn and half buttoned side seams to let you maintain a comfortable temperature and sleeping arrangement

    Lightweight and compact.

    Hand washable, and quick drying (15 minutes)

    Weighs 80 grams

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