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  • Whether you are going for high altitude expeditions and are looking for an extremely sturdy, geodesic and aerodynamic tent that must last you for years of continuous use on slopes, then Corinthia is your best bet.  This 3 persons and 4 seasons tent reciprocates the feeling of serious mountaineering. It features the sturdiest geodesic and aerodynamic design. Additionally, it ticks all boxes against our 3 C’s.


    COMFORT: 1) The tent keeps you warm (temperature inside the tent will be approximately 3 Celcius higher than the ambient temperature). 2) The texture of the fabric ensures that tents aren’t so noisy that they keep you awake in high winds. 3) Additionally, the walls of the inner tent are vertical so that you don’t feel cramped.

    CONVENIENCE : 1) Thanks to the diamond shaped floor design, the packs could be stored inside the tent. 2) The extra large vestibule on one side gives you ample space for cooking and for storing extra equipment that you cannot store inside the tent. 3) Out of all our 4 seasons tents, this requires the least amount of effort to pitch. Pitching for the first time may require some following of instructions provided with it, but subsequent attempts are fairly effortless. It can be pitched by 2 persons only. 4) Well defined dome shape of the tent and silicone treatment on the outer rain fly minimizes snow accumulation on the tent and facilitates sliding of the snow on the sides.

    CONDENSATION: 1) The tent is appropriately ventilated and breathes well in sub zero conditions.

    Assembly Instructions    Download the PDF

  • Four-season, High-altitude, Inner-first, Three-person Tent.

    Kili 3 Plus Alpine Tent is a bombproof shelter for your winter expeditions. Having said that we won’t recommend you actually lob a grenade at it.

    If you are ticking off boxes for the winter expedition, Kili 3+ has all of it; stability, weather-resistance, ventilation, space to live and store, and most importantly has a high ‘usability quotient’.

    Gipfel-Quality is now given, but to those who are new, our tents are world class! The DAC poles provide bomb-proof stability, the YKK snag-free zippers tested to -60 degrees Celsius will ensure that you won’t have a mid-expedition epic, and the chosen fabrics will keep you weather-proof in the most inclement weather with an optimal balance of weight-to-function ratio.

    With a trail weight of 4.6 kgs, Kili 3+ is amongst the lightest in the market for it’s features and capabilities, is easy to pitch, and very durable.

    Warranty Agreement Download the PDF


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