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  • These brightly coloured accessory cords are suitable for hauling, rescuing and for self anchors.

    ORDER AND SHIPPING: This product could be purchased only in multiples of 5 meters and a maximum running length is 100 meters. The quantity selected in the drop down menu will be multiplied by 5 and the total will be the actual running length (in meters) that will be shipped.

    • This is a classic design Type B plain gate ‘D’ or plain carabiner without the function to lock the gate.
    • Made from the highest grade aviation Aluminium alloy
    • Nose cut design to prevent snagging
    • Ultralight carabiner that weighs only 34gms
    • Major Axis Gate Closed strength: 25kN
    • Major Axis Gate Open Strength: 9kN
    • Minor Axis: 8kN
    • CE1019, EN 12275, UIAA 121
  • – Gipfel Alpine fitted Gaiter prevents outdoor elements such as snow and scree from entering your shoes
    – A diligently designed gaiter that will protect you during various activities such as mountaineering, glacier traverse, winter walking, hiking and even biking
    – Double lined wear resistant and waterproof bottom layer featuring 1200 mm waterproof PU coated Nylon
    – Durable YKK® zipper with snag-guard, Velcro® and snap closures on the front
    – Draw string tightener on the top
    – Reinforced synthetic Inseam straps with wear-resistant Kevlar coating
    – Designed and made keeping high ankle hiking shoes and mountaineering boots cum crampons in mind but its
    versatility allows it to be paired well even with your regular running and biking shoes.
    – Size S/M suitable for heights 150-180 cms. Size L/XL works well for people taller than 180 cms.

    User Instructions    Download the PDF


  • – A good all-rounder and light weight helmet for ice climbing, mountaineering and multi-pitch trad climbing. – This helmet features a PC shell with Expanded Polystyrene lining.
    – What makes this helmet different from most of the other helmets is the foam lining that extends all the way to the sides of the head. This provides the cranial support in case of side impacts.
    – 10 vents (6 on the sides and 4 on the back) make this helmet wearable even in hot weather conditions. “A helmet that makes your head warm could lead to more problems than just discomfort. At best it could lead to lead to a reduction in your performance, at worst it could lead to an impaired judgement that could possibly lead to injuries.”- BMC Helmet Guidebook
    – Easy and quick to use Headband Adjuster on the back of your helmet.

    User Instructions    Download the PDF

  • This pack has been put together keeping Badami climbing season in India in mind. The pack includes the following equipment

    5 pcs. M10 Dynamo Rock Hanger (Material grade: SS 304)
    5 pcs. M10 Nuts only (Material grade: SS 304)
    1 pc. Badami Nut Tool
    Hangers have EN959 and CE 3076 certification
    Breaking Strength of Hangers: 32kN in Radial direction of loading

  • – Our best quality crash pad featuring triple density foam cushioning for maximum safety and a great landing area
    – Hinge style folding with taper cut to avoid twisting of ankles
    – Curved edges to avoid wear and tear
    – Aluminium buckles closure
    – 140 x 115 x 11.5 cms
    – Weighs 10 kg
    – Padded shoulder straps with waist belt. Also has carry handles
    – Great product for professionals and serious climbers

  • One Tool to rule them all!

    A versatile nut tool designed for Trad, mixed- Sport and Big Wall climbing. Tightens nuts and maillons, wriggles out those obstinate nuts, and the hooked nose grabs onto cam bars in the deepest cracks. The screw driver end helps undo those stubborn knots, works as a pry tool, and finding an additional new use for this multi-tool is not a challenge.

    – Weight: 64 g (2.3 oz.)
    – Material: Zinc plated hardened Steel
    – Built in wrenches of sizes 13, 17 & 19 mm, which work with 10, 12 mm & 3/8 inch Rawl bolts, open wrench sizes 14 & 17mm
    – Philips head screw driver
    – Centimeter markings along the side

  • – This brightly coloured Chalk Bucket is made from a cotton blend
    – Orange and Blue
    – Can be fastened to your waist using a sling
    – Good for Multi-pitch rock climbs

  • – This brightly coloured Chalk Bucket is made from a cotton blend
    – Orange and Blue
    – Great for Bouldering Indoors and Outdoors

  • – Buy high quality and heavy duty crash pads for your bouldering gym and
    climbing walls
    – Dual density foam cushioning. The upper closed cell foam layer distributes
    the weight evenly. The lower open cell foam layer cushions your fall.
    – Size: 6′ (L) x 4′ (W) x8″ (t).
    – For custom made sizes and special requirements for your bouldering gym,
    please contact our customer service
    – Shipping in 4-5 days approximately
    – Our customers love these ones and so would you. Contact us for references

  • – Durable Capcell foam is the most efficient material for the conditions you encounter during your expeditions. These are durable enough for persistent use by commercial operators.
    – No more scavenging for cords to keep the mats tightly rolled up.
    – Our mats have Cam Buckle closure and tightening mechanism that you cannot lose.
    – This foam provides a good amount of insulation.
    – The thickness and density of the foam buffers out the unevenness of lumpy grounds.
    – Keep away from fire and camping stoves.
    – Suitable for multitude of activities such as Mountaineering, Trekking ,camping, exercising, aerobics, picnic with kids and much more
    – Size: 180 x 65 x 1 cm
    – Weighs 600 grams

  • Gipfel Chalk bags for rock climbing and bouldering. Lots of different shapes, sizes and colours.

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