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Bouldering Gym Crash Mats


– Buy high quality and heavy duty crash pads for your bouldering gym and
climbing walls
– Dual density foam cushioning. The upper closed cell foam layer distributes
the weight evenly. The lower open cell foam layer cushions your fall.
– Size: 6′ (L) x 4′ (W) x8″ (t).
– For custom made sizes and special requirements for your bouldering gym,
please contact our customer service
– Shipping in 4-5 days approximately
– Our customers love these ones and so would you. Contact us for references

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– Heavy duty reinforced waterproof fabric shell with anti-slip properties
– Zipped closure
– Weight per mat: 16 kgs.
– Limited warranty for 24 months
– Also great for use as Gymnastic mats


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