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  • Whether you are going for high altitude expeditions and are looking for an extremely sturdy, geodesic and aerodynamic tent that must last you for years of continuous use on slopes, then Corinthia is your best bet.  This 3 persons and 4 seasons tent reciprocates the feeling of serious mountaineering. It features the sturdiest geodesic and aerodynamic design. Additionally, it ticks all boxes against our 3 C’s.


    COMFORT: 1) The tent keeps you warm (temperature inside the tent will be approximately 3 Celcius higher than the ambient temperature). 2) The texture of the fabric ensures that tents aren’t so noisy that they keep you awake in high winds. 3) Additionally, the walls of the inner tent are vertical so that you don’t feel cramped.

    CONVENIENCE : 1) Thanks to the diamond shaped floor design, the packs could be stored inside the tent. 2) The extra large vestibule on one side gives you ample space for cooking and for storing extra equipment that you cannot store inside the tent. 3) Out of all our 4 seasons tents, this requires the least amount of effort to pitch. Pitching for the first time may require some following of instructions provided with it, but subsequent attempts are fairly effortless. It can be pitched by 2 persons only. 4) Well defined dome shape of the tent and silicone treatment on the outer rain fly minimizes snow accumulation on the tent and facilitates sliding of the snow on the sides.

    CONDENSATION: 1) The tent is appropriately ventilated and breathes well in sub zero conditions.

    Assembly Instructions    Download the PDF

  • Tarp tent with multiple possibilities to pitch it.

    This versatile and ultralight travel canopy can be used in diverse combinations for shelter from sun, rain or snow, or for a bivouac.  It features Polyester fabric with 1,500 mm Hydrostatic Head waterproof PU coating and fully taped seams.  There are 6 guy out points and 6 webbing loops.  Any of these could be used either to anchor the canopy to the ground or trees using guy lines or your could simply pitch it using your trekking poles and make an A-shaped bivouac.


  • Four-person, four-season, outer-first Geodesic tent.

    This is a double layer, all season, free standing and outer first winter tent that you can bank upon during longer expeditions in extreme weather conditions.

    This is a durable and feature-rich tent, thus making it an ultimate mountaineering tent. The inner tent’s doors have double layers of mesh and fabric. You could unzip the fabric layer to allow cross ventilation from mesh. Vestibules are large enough to accommodate 4 x 60l packs. The Outer and Inner tent are connected to each other at all times thus cutting back on the pitching time significantly.

    Fully seam taped outer rain fly and floor of inner tent. A spare protective Ground sheet not included but highly recommended to increase the working life in rockier terrain.

    Recommended use: Base camps, glacier walks, high altitude treks, mountaineering (recommended maximum pitching altitude: 6,000 masl)

    Assembly Instructions  Download the PDF
    Warranty Agreement Download the PDF



  • Four-person, four-season, outer-first Geodesic tent with extra large vestibule.

    High Mountain 4 PLUS is a 4 seasons tent designed for serious mountaineering expeditions on medium to very high altitudes. While the design and size of inner tent living area of this tent is same as that of our standard High Mountain 4 tent there are additions of extra large vestibule on one side and extra large storm flaps all around the tent.

    The extra large vestibule adds to the comfort of the mountaineers. It is spacious enough for a person to sit outside the tent area and even cook.

    The storm flaps keep the elements out as well as helps in weighing down the tent by placing snow and/or rocks on them.

    All our High Mountain 4 and 4 PLUS tents now feature upgraded waterproof and water repellent Silnylon rain flies. The inner canopies are now constructed from breathable and water repellent rip stop Nylon

    The doors on the rain fly of the vestibule area are on the sides, unlike the standard High Mountain 4 tent with roll-up doors in the middle. This features makes it comfortable for the users to enter and exit the tent even when the vestibule is occupied by another person or large luggage.


  • CAMPING KYRA 2 9,900.00

    Two-person, single-wall, all-season dome tent.

    Kyra 2 at 1630gms trail weight is a lightweight tent solution for alpinism, backpacking, cycle touring and other such uses where going lightweight is critical.

    World class materials, and a design tested and proven in Himalayas, has this tent receiving rave reviews from all over.

    Canopy and poles are packed separately, and can be cinched together if needed; for flexibility of packing.

  • CAMPING Lupus 2 7,500.00

    Two-person, three-season, outer-first dome tent.

    Lupus 2 is our most economical 2 persons and 3 seasons tent (we suggest 3 seasons usage but its construction enables it to be occasionally used as an all seasons tent with moderate snow). While it is economically priced it does not compromise on the quality at all because all our tents are made from same Aluminium poles, Japanese zippers and textiles. It is the simplistic design and single door-single vestibule construction that makes it economical. This is an outer-first tent in which the outer rain-fly and inner tent are connected together using a suspension system.


  • Two-person, three-season Dome tent.

    The classic dome shaped but with an addition of two spines imparts structural stability and allows for a bigger vestibule area that extends out from the poles.  With a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise durability or features, this new two men tent delivers the ultimate camping cum backpacking tent.  Vestibules are large enough to accommodate 2 x 60l rucksacks.

    Assembly Instructions    Download the PDF
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  • Two-person, four-season, inner-first hybrid dome tent.

    Explore the higher mountains and glaciers with this easy to pitch and extremely light-weight tent made from the world’s best DAC® aviation grade Aluminium poles, Rip stop Nylon fabric and zippers from YKK (Made in Japan).   A classic dome shaped but with an addition of two spines imparts structural stability to this tent as well as allows for a bigger vestibule area that extends out from the poles.  Our focus group has tested this tent in Himalayas, USA and Japan.

    The most distinct feature reported by every group are a pleasantly spacious headroom (thanks to the spines on top) and the breath-ability of the tent even when high degree of condensation was expected.  With a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise durability or features, this new two men tent delivers the ultimate mountaineering tent.  The outer fly sheet extends much lower on all sides. Most of the mesh is replaced with a Nylon breathable fabric to retain the warmth inside the tent.  But the doors are double layered (adjacent layers of Polyester taffeta and mesh) to allow cross ventilation whenever needed. The taffeta layer can be unzipped while the mesh layer is still on on both doors for cross ventilation.

    Vestibules are large enough to accommodate 2 x 60l rucksacks.

    Assembly Instructions    Download the PDF
    Warranty Agreement Download the PDF


  • Four-person, three-season tent, inner-first hybrid dome tent.

    UFO 4 is our personal favourite because of it’s exceptionally large head room and leg space.  You can easily fit in 4 people, and still have enough room to stand and stretch, owing to its Arc and Ridge construction.  The canopy is mostly Polyester no-see-thru-um mesh for excellent ventilation. Two doors and two equally large vestibules boasts of a large space to stow your backpacks and shoes away.  Additionally, it has four large pockets.

    This tent features patented Jake’s foot attachment to connect poles to the ground sheet.  The wind-guards on the outer rain fly acts as a barrier for cold winds and elements.

    Zippers are specially developed for these tents with the help of the world’s best YKK®.

    UFO 4 is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a tent that is exceptionally sturdy yet relatively light in weight, that will work for any situation, and that will handle many years of use.

    Recommended Use: Base Camps, glacier walks, treks at an altitude of 4,000 masl
    Color: Sunny Yellow (Pictures are yet to be updated)

    Assembly Instructions    Download the PDF
    Warranty Agreement Download the PDF


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